Pole Food: Safety and Health for a continuum of research around the food, ranging from profit to risk is the central concept of PA3S, a consortium of R & D launched in Midi-Pyrenees in 2005.

Creating a continuum of skills from unpublished analysis of the dietary risk assessment of the benefits of diet on health, PA3S is both:

a network of collaborations and exchanges between scientists and industrial
one pole of expertise and scientific know-how and technology
a Strength of proposals for R & D dynamics Food / Health
and finally, a regional showcase for research and local industry Food / Health.
From a rapprochement between the Pole Food Health Midi-Pyrénées and the Food Safety Division, the PA3S is now a structured and active network, which brings together the skills and regional expertise in research and development in nutrition , food and health, food safety and quality, functional food and nutrition.